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Sculpt America is an organization dedicated to reaching the generations of the future while impacting the viewers of today!

It is our Mission to fill the Land with sculptural scriptures and drench the Nation with the Word of God, with images that cannot be forgotten.  In doing so through the medium of sculpture and visual presentation, we are reaching the generations of the future while impacting the viewers of today. 

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"The Lamb of God" Sculpture Enlargement

Brenda has completed working on enlarging her sculpture "The Lamb of God," to a towering 16 ft Larger Than Life Sculpture, depicting Jesus while He is still alive on the Cross. The Bronze has recently traveled to the East Coast.  The response has been tremendous.  Just stopping to fill up the gas tank has drawn overwhelming interest and response at each stop, and the sculpture is only lying down.  We are looking forward to "lifting up" the Lord at our next venue, and seeing what God will do next.  Those deeply affected to those greatly appreciative of the effort are looking to get involved, and we thank all of our supporters.  It has been amazing to take our first trip with the sculpture since unveiling it on June 29, 2008.  Clearly, God wants this sculpture depicting His love and compassion to all mankind to be viewed before the masses and we are intently looking forward to causing many people see how He willingly paid the price for our healing and salvation.  God continues to minister the truth that there is no better standard to lift up, than Him, and this light has proven that it shines so bright even when lying down.  We know this light will shine ever brighter as we take it and raise it up before the people.  Therefore, all donations are welcome and will support the cost of transport, travel, insurance, and lifting it by crane. 


  For gifts that are $75.00 or more, Your name, or the name of a loved one will be sculpted directly into the bronze Cross, so that generations to come will see your gift to them.

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Here are some pictures of the enlargement process:

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Here are some pictures of the Bronze pour:

Here are some pictures of the wax:


I Love You Lord ! from B Angel on Vimeo.

B Angel's "Lamb of God" sculpture unveiling. from B Angel on Vimeo.


"Putting Up Crosses Campaign"



Consistent with this Mission, Sculpt America is promoting its “Putting Up Crosses Campaign” so as to set in the hearts and minds of our viewers the most important image which should never be forgotten, the crucifixion of our Lord and the redemption of mankind, depicted in a 16 ft monumental bronze titled, “The Lamb of God”. 

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