About us

Our Mission

It is our Mission to fill the Land with sculptural scriptures and drench the Nation with the Word of God, with images that cannot be forgotten.  In doing so through the medium of sculpture and visual presentation, we are reaching the generations of the future while impacting the viewers of today. 

The Artist

The artist and sculptress, Brenda Angel, accompanied with many honors and awards, has successfully achieved many artworks through multiple mediums of art. This visible high quality, cross-over talent, is limited to very few artists in history. Her art has deeply touched many, and perhaps, to date, none of her works have touched as many more deeply than her 16’ depiction of the crucifixion, titled, “The Lamb of God”.

Her focus leans more to sculpture, however, her successful and praised works have included the following mediums: Sculpture, Stained Glass, Water Color, Oil Paintings, Portraits in many medias, Stone Carving, Jewelry Design, Silver Smithing, Toy Designs, Pottery, Charcoal Drawings, Pastels, Illustrations, Animation, Print Making, Etchings, Dry Point, Wood Block Carving Prints, Photography, Video Graphics, Court Room Illustrations, Court Room Exhibits, Sculpture in Clay and Bronze.

In 2004, The White House and President Bush, received her sculpture, “Liberty Leads Her People to Justice”, a patriotic 911 piece, that, according to White House communications has been placed in The Smithsonian Institute National Collection Museum for Fine Arts. President Bush, received number 1 of this sculpture.

Prior to her first sculpture, titled, “E’li, E’li la’ ma sa-bach tha-ni’?”, the result of a dream she experienced repeatedly night after night in 1992, of Jesus on the Cross, Brenda had never exhibited any artistic aptitude or talent. Recently, one of her Florida high school classmates, who learned of her artworks, sent her an email, and in astonishment, inquired of her, “Where did this talent come from? Where was this during high school?”

Brenda said her talent came during a dream when God asked her to sculpt what God showed her night after night. The dream is set out below.

The power of seeing this sculpture is exemplified through the following testimony of Brenda Crocker-Angel, whose name means “A fire brand who works with clay as a messenger of God covering the land.”  The following occurred in the fall of 1992...


The Dream

The most vivid part of the dream was seeing the gentleness and love in the eyes of Jesus while He was in obvious and tremendous pain and agony. “The wind was blowing so strongly, it felt like I was being blown away..."