The Dream

“The Lamb of God”, was the result of a repeated and awesome dream. In the dream, Brenda was up in the air watching Jesus being Crucified. She saw huge dark clouds blowing toward her. She saw where Jesus’ beard had been pulled out in patches, and in His left cheek, there was a hole where she could see a tooth, as His cheek was flapping in the wind. She saw the flesh on His back torn. The sight was AWE STRIKING. The most vivid part of the dream was seeing the gentleness and love in the eyes of Jesus while He was in obvious and tremendous pain and agony. “The wind was blowing so strongly, it felt like I was being blown away”. Then, He lifted up in sort of a contorted arch as if attempting to get a breath of air to speak, and He cried out: “Eli, Eli, la’ ma sa-bach tha-ni?’” (TRANSLATED: “My God My God, why have you forsaken me?”), As she was waking, she would hear “Sculpt what you have just seen”.

Brenda tried to find out where to buy clay each day, as she experienced this dream night after night. As Brenda inquired about where to buy clay, she was laughed at and told by others it was “not even possible” for her to sculpt the human form as it takes years of training to learn to sculpt the human form, (and most sculptors cannot do so even after years of training). After the last night of the dream, she opened her eyes and could see Jesus being crucified, she would close her eyes and see Jesus being crucified. The vision stayed with her as she cried herself back to sleep. It was that day, more determined then ever, she persisted until an instructor at a University gave her some clay, but said, “Don’t ask me how to build an armature*, I cannot help you!” Brenda responded, “What’s an armature?”. The instructor, replied, “See you do not know what you’re doing!”, as he laughed and walked out of the room, shaking his head. HOWEVER, after obtaining clay, Brenda while only being able to sculpt five to ten minutes at a time here and there (between classes), as she was working full time and taking University courses full time (18.5 credit hours) and raising a family, YET, she completed a bust of the dream within 3 weeks. She was thereafter dubbed by the Chairman of the ART Department and sculptor, an “adult child prodigy”. She went on to win awards, including Artist of the Year and Studio Art Student of the Year for several years in a row. (She donated her first sculpture of this dream, a bust, to her church, where it is still on display.)

*(an armature is a structure that supports the clay so that it doesn’t fall apart or collapse by the weight of the clay).

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