Monumental Bronze Sculpture

"The Lamb of God"

Lamb of GodIt is our goal to impact the viewers of today and tomorrow, by changing hearts and minds through the saturation of God's Word in the Land through visual media.

This sculpture, “The Lamb of God”, a 16 ft monumental bronze, clearly addresses that which God has called each believer to accomplish, and does so in a bold larger than life visible statement.  As a picture says a thousand words, “The Lamb of God”, dramatically and on its own, without introduction, preaches the Gospel of Salvation, by teaching and evangelizing through visual impact without saying a word.  This sculpture by itself will change hearts and minds, and it will do so for generations to come.

“The Lamb of God” captures a powerful moment in time and freezes that time when Jesus was still alive on the Cross, in the act of suffering for the redemption and healing of mankind. Jesus Himself said that He is The Light of the world and that we are not to hide His Light under a basket, but we are to display His light so that people may clearly see the way. "The Lamb of God” captures and expresses His passion and love for souls.

Clay Unveiling

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In owning and displaying this sculpture, revealing The Light to many, impassioning the believers, and preaching the Gospel, “The Lamb of God” will operate as a memorial and a tool of remembrance, reminding the observer of God's Covenant. Additionally, If your ministry would like to own and display one of these sculptures, there is a fundraiser associated with “The Lamb of God” that can easily benefit your Ministry, by helping yo raise the money for the sculpture, all while helping to drench the nation with the Word of God in images that cannot be forgotten.

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